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Great Buys in Indianapolis Market

Posted on April 21, 2014 by Michael Weaver in Indianapolis Real Estate

Indianapolis has been a solid investment in the real estate market for years. We have seen a steady increase in sales volume

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and price over the past few months. Non of this comes as a surprise to those who live in and around the Indy market. We have been in a so-called bubble if you will that has protected us from all the craziness of the economy. Sure, there are folks that are struggling and that are upside down in their current home, but for the most part as a hole, IN has not been really fluctuating as some other cities have been over the past half decade. If you are looking to buy or sell a great buy in Indianapolis, or a bargain Indiana home, please call The Vearus Group for your real estate needs. 317-455-LIST, that’s 317-455-5478.


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